In 1966 Eveready in the USA designed and manufactured the first Eveready® Dolphin™ torch – a large torch for world sales. It did well, but in 1973 Eveready’s Australian arm redesigned the torch for Australian conditions, using an Australian design company. The new torch had to be shock resistant and waterproof. Paul Cockburn of Design Field in Sydney insisted that it should be fairly ugly because he believed that many people would see this as a sign of ruggedness and reliability. He also wanted the torch to be multi functional, so he gave it an angled head that threw light down onto the path ahead or up when placed on the ground, useful when you’re changing tyres in the dark.

Eveready® Dolphin™ TV


Did you know?

Over 45 years, more than 20 million Eveready® Dolphin™ torches have been sold in Australia and New Zealand.
Dolphin - Heritage